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About Payday Loans Online from DirectLoanTransfer

Setbacks and bad luck happen to all of us - it's up to you to deal with these kinds of events. This doesn't mean that others aren't willing to help: payday loans allow you to get paid a few weeks early, and it doesn't matter much if you have bad credit. These short-term loans may be just what you need to keep your head above water.

The idea behind payday loans is that you can request a cash advance before your next payday. Since you have a reliable source of income (which may be something like Social Security payments), your credit score isn't as important to payday lenders as it would be to a bank. The major downside is that a payday loan is very short term: because of this, the finance charges expressed as an annual percentage looks formidable. However, since you can pay back the lender on your next payday, this is often still cheaper than getting a cash advance on your credit card (which bad credit may prevent you from doing anyway).

How Does DirectLoanTransfer Work?

DirectLoanTransfer isn't a lender itself. What we do instead is make it easy for people looking for the best payday loans to find the lenders who are willing to give them the loan amount they need at the best interest rate. In other words, we do the legwork: for just as much effort (or less!) as it takes to apply to one single lender, we allow you to browse all the offers for which you can qualify.

Having a wide range of financial institutions in our network makes it easy for us to match nearly any borrower to a suitable lender, even if their credit score is on the low side. In fact, the process is almost automatic: all you need to do is take five minutes to fill out a simple, secure form, and we will process your request within minutes, showing you all the payday lenders with which you qualify for pre-approval. The small fee we charge for this service is paid by the lender, so it doesn't increase the cost of your loan one bit.

Are Paycheck Advances the Fastest Way to Get a Cash Advance?

One of the best parts of requesting payday loans online is that it only takes a few minutes to enter your personal details and a couple more to review the loan offers available to you. It's not unusual to be approved within an hour and receive the money you urgently need in your bank account the next business day.

How fast the process will turn out to be in your case depends on the particular lender as well as other factors. For example, a returning customer will usually be approved more quickly and qualify for a larger loan amount than a first-time borrower.

Are Payday Loans My Best Choice? What Other Kinds of Loans Are There?

Though the phrase "payday loans" is the most popular, there are a lot of other names for them: deferred deposit loans, payday cash advances, salary loans, and small-dollar loans are all more or less the same thing. This can get confusing, but there's more: many payday lenders specialize in particular types of loan or customer:

What Happens When I Can't Repay a Payday Loan on Time?

Accidents, we are told, come in threes. It's not unusual for someone who's already under financial strain to have trouble paying back their lender when the due date rolls around. Luckily, payday lenders are well aware of this fact and will almost always allow you to roll over the loan until the next payday arrives.

There is one risk that you should be aware of: failing to make payment means accepting an additional finance charge. If you do this too many times, you'll end up owing much more than you originally borrowed, leaving you with an amount of debt that may take years to pay off. Be responsible and please don't let this happen to you!