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In these uncertain times, it's nearly impossible to keep control of your finances. Something as minor as having your work hours reduced for one week or an unscheduled doctor's visit can easily send you into a financial tailspin.

When this happens, you'd better take a hard look at your options for getting fast cash. Each of these comes with some disadvantages - riding out the storm will depend on understanding your circumstances and making sure that you get cash without hurting your long-term situation.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for Fast Cash

Getting a cash loan may relieve the pain you're feeling right now, but living on credit is never a true long-term solution. Used properly, getting a loan is often the most responsible thing you can do, but it's important to remember that this isn't free cash: going into debt can have serious consequences if you don't keep your eyes open.

The first thing you should consider is the interest rate. This is a figure that tells you how much will be added to the loan over the course of a year; it can vary from about 15% for someone with good credit taking out a term loan to much, much more than that. If you're only looking for very short-term relief such as a payday cash advance, this becomes less important: even though the number is high, you'll most likely repay the loan in a matter of weeks, keeping the additional dollar amount you'll pay to a minimum.

Interest is normally expressed as an APR, which includes all normal finance and administrative fees. It does not, however, account for other charges. In general, you'll be hit with a surcharge if you have to "roll over" a payday or title loan because you couldn't keep up with the payments. In many cases, you'll also be penalized if you pay the loan off early: the lender counts on interest piling up in order to make money and requires you to give them extra cash if you short-circuit this.

Finally, the reputation of the lender is also very important. Some are definitely fairer than others; you can check this by contacting the Better Business Bureau or reading online reviews. You can generally rest easy if you apply through a loan referral service like DirectLoanTransfer: the lenders in their network are required to maintain certain ethical and professional standards.

Other Ways of Dealing with a Financial Emergency

When you need cash now and urgently, it can feel like the bottom of your world has dropped away beneath you. A quick loan you are sure you can repay can help to tide you over, but you may need to also make other changes to your finances and lifestyle.

Perhaps the first thing you should do is call up your landlord, utility company, and anyone else you may end up owing cash. They probably have their own mortgage, maintenance and other expenses, but they might also be more lenient than you think when it comes to being flexible with payments for a few months. A lot of Americans are suffering right now, so they're sure to understand the situation. Most of them will also realize that it's better to allow you a little bit of leeway for the time being instead of losing a customer or tenant. Almost all of them will appreciate being kept in the loop if you may have to miss a few payments, and the earlier, the better.

You may also want to look around for a part-time job to help make ends meet. In many cases, this will mean working for yourself; so take an hour or so to think and make an inventory of your skills, interests, and experience. Perhaps you can get paid for basic handyman work, apply your professional skills as an online freelancer, or jump in your car to earn some extra cash as a delivery or ridesharing driver. Not only will this relieve some of the strain on your bank account, but you may also find it easier to get the credit you need. Several alternative lenders don't insist on pay stubs and will be reasonable about someone getting paid under the table.

Finally, you should also be ruthless in slashing your budget. Most people really do spend more cash than they need to; this is not what you should be doing when you're relying on a loan to get by. Many of these expenses are those little luxuries we're not even aware of: a vending machine soft drink here, a gas station taco there, take-out coffee: these little things add up quietly but quickly. Of course, you should also do what you can to reduce major expenses - start shopping intelligently and put off optional purchases like clothing, or perhaps even sell your car if it's a money pit.