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Kyle Drummond

Kyle is a talented and knowledgeable financial advisor. In just one year, he's ascended from a junior advisor to a middle advisor. He loves to share his knowledge with his customers and readers alike!

Even twenty dollars is a lot of money if you need, but don't have it. Running out of funds is something that happens to all of us at one time or another: a bill you forgot about becomes due, something breaks and needs urgent fixing, or you just didn't manage to stick to your budget this month. When this happens, it's reassuring to know that you can get instant cash by getting a cash advance online.

An instant cash advance has helped many families out of a tight spot: you simply fill out an online application, can often get instant approval even with a low credit score, and receive the money in your bank account on the next business day. Of course, you should remember that this kind of instant cash advance is very similar to other payday loans: it's usually a short-term cash loan for no more than a few hundred dollars which you're expected to pay back on your next payday.

Instant Cash

The main benefits are that, unlike a bank, companies that offer instant loans don't run a hard" credit check, so just completing an online application for a cash advance doesn't hurt your credit score. The fact that you can borrow money using your phone, wherever you are and at any time of the day or night, makes this the fastest cash loan you can get.

Benefits of Online Instant Cash Advances:

  • The entire process is digital: you don't have to visit an office, and you can submit your application at any time from anywhere.
  • A poor credit history doesn't disqualify you from this kind of loan - as long as you have an income, which may be from Social Security or similar sources, lenders will be willing to talk to you.
  • You can borrow small sums without facing ridiculous finance charges. Any cash amount from $100 to $5,000 is on the table.
  • Approval is nearly instant in most cases, and you can get the money you need within 24 hours - this can make all the difference in an emergency.
  • You're able to compare all the different packages for which you qualify side by side, with a clear explanation of each one's fees, interest rate, repayment period, and other terms and conditions.

The Bottom Line

Abusing payday loans is not something we recommend; if you need to borrow money to buy a new car, for instance, you should really be talking to your bank. On the other hand, if circumstances leave you with no option other than getting a loan, fast cash is generally going to be much more important than whatever finance charges you'll have to pay on it. In this kind of situation, an instant cash advance can easily be a good short-term solution.

DirectLoanTransfer will help you do the math. We and our large network of lenders aim to be completely transparent about all fees, interest charges and conditions with all our customers. If you should ever need an instant loan again in future, we'll even streamline the process: your personal details remain on file in our secured servers so that you'll always have options when it comes to getting the cash you need in an emergency, fast.