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Legal Disclaimer

DirectLoanTransfer, the owner and operator of this website, is not intended as a lender or as representing any lender or service provider; thus, it does not adjudicate upon any loan or credit decisions, and it has no part at all in the lending process. DirectLoanTransfer does not promote or endorse any lending service or product, nor does it constitute a solicitation for any loan products and/or offers to lend.

The meaning and purpose of this website are to function as an advertising referral service and to connect its users (who are possibly potential borrowers) and lending institutions. Lending institutions may guarantee and provide credit advances between $100 and $1,000.

As being just an advertising service, we do not supervise and/or regulate, nor are we responsible for any kind of action of any lender. The offers, the terms of the loans, their rates (APR included), fees and charges, as well as any legal implications for late or non-payment, are within the full responsibility and control of the particular lender that provides the loan.

Thus, although the application form is submitted to multiple lenders in order to increase the probability of approval, applying for a loan shall not be intended as a guarantee for the approval of the loan.

The amount of the loan, as well as the time for the cash transfer to take place, and the repayment terms are different between lenders. The terms and conditions, as also the renewal policy for late payment and non-payment, are decided by each particular lender or service provider. The loan borrower is responsible for informing themselves of the terms and conditions and taking them into due consideration.

Because loans and lending services are unavailable in all states or jurisdictions, residents of some states may be unable to apply for some or all short-term loans.

This site's user is under no obligation to utilize our services, enter into any commercial ties with a lender, make a request for credit or any loan product, or consent to a loan offer from a participating lender. However, as per our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, the registration information submitted by users on this website will be shared with registered lenders in our network, partners, and affiliates. In addition, the user confirms that they have read, understood, and agreed with them using this website.

Implications of Credit

Any participating lender that the loan application contacts may, at its option, conduct a credit check in order to make credit decisions. Contacting credit reporting bureaus to evaluate the applicant's creditworthiness, credit status, or credit aptitude may be part of this step. By entering his or her personal information, the applicant agrees to allow participating lenders to verify the information and run a credit check on them.

Caveat Emptor - Please Pay Attention

Short-term financing is meant to solve immediate financial requirements and is not a long-term solution. Short-term loans incur fees for the borrower and may increase the latter's difficult financial status. Potential clients may want to speak with a financial professional about their financial needs, the hazards associated with short-term loans, and the options accessible to them.