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We at DirectLoanTransfer have only one goal: to work for the benefit of our clients. We have you in mind and will work better with your feedback and interaction. At the same time, part of our work is precisely to answer any of your doubts and questions, as well as to solve some of the problems you might encounter on our platform or related to the financial world in general, of which we are experts.

Therefore, if you wish to contact us, either because you have a problem or question or want to leave any feedback or suggestion, please do! Our team is always glad to hear from you or to offer assistance in any way possible. Contact with our clients is the core of our project, and this can happen in many ways.

How To Contact Us

You can choose whatever method you prefer. Here are all the ways you can contact us.

  • Contact us online using the form below. Fill out the form with your name, email address, and the message you want to send, and then click on Submit. We will receive your message immediately and will answer via email.
  • Alternatively, if you want to send the email, you can write to either Adam or Kyle from our team. For media inquiries, please contact Adam Dull at [email protected]. For editorial inquiries, Kyle Drummond is available at [email protected].
  • If you are more the old-style way, you can send us a letter at our office at 5050 Quorum Drive Suite 700, Dallas, TX 75254, United States.

Want to Know More About Our Company?

If you want to know more about us, who we are, and what we do, here are a few links to sections of our website where you can learn more about DirectLoanTransfer.

Here you can find the F.A.Q. section, a place where we answer the most common questions we usually get asked by our clients. In it, you can find all the basic information on payday loans, what they are, why they are useful, and more specific info on the more practical terms, for example, on how to apply for a cash advance.

Here you have the section in which we thoroughly explain, in a plain and easy way, what DirectLoanTransfer is and how it works in the financial sector of payday loans. So if you are interested in applying but do not know what requirements you must have or how to do it, that article has all the answers.

The website contains much more information than this: we encourage you to take a look at the other numerous sections and find out more about our initiatives, our responsible lending and marketing practices, rates and fees, and how to deal financially with the Covid pandemic.