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Most of us tend to think that big consequences have to have big causes. Our minds tell us that serious financial distress, for instance, should be caused by something like being laid off from your job, a natural disaster, or catastrophic medical bills. This seems natural and fair, but in reality not being able to cover a small expense in time can lead to equally painful results.


This is why a $200 loan can on occasion literally save your bacon. Sometimes, throwing a little good-faith money your landlord's way can stop you from getting evicted. Delaying a dentist appointment until after your next paycheck can leave you unable to function normally (as well as potentially turning a $200 bill into a $2,000 nightmare). Not being able to pay a fine on time can lead to additional charges and even jail time - obviously, it would be ideal to have $200 or more in your bank account at all times, but when you need emergency cash, a short-term $200 loan can solve a lot of problems.

How Can I Get $250 Now?

Some of the ways you can raise a sum of 200 dollars or so within a day or two include:

  • Sell something you own, preferably an item you no longer use.
  • Take out a car title loan, though you may end up losing the vehicle if you can't repay this.
  • Try to find a personal cash loan you'll have to pay off in several installments.
  • Ask for a cash advance on your credit card.
  • Opt for a same-day payday loan: with almost instant approval and available even to individuals with bad credit, this is often the best solution when you need $200 only until your next payday.

How Is It Possible to Get a 200-Dollar Loan, No Credit Check Necessary?

Payday loans are a specialized form of borrowing intended solely to get you through a short-term rough patch. They charge very high interest rates, making them a bad choice if you'll need the money for several months.

If you only need to stay afloat for the next two weeks, however, they may work out cheaper than the alternatives. Some of their advantages include nearly instant approval, the ability to borrow even with poor credit, getting the money in your bank account the next business day, and the ease of applying for another $200 payday loan in future.

The Nuts and Bolts of a $200 Payday Loan

How this works is as follows: payday loans companies are non-traditional financial institutions. You will most commonly contact them through a website; they've paid loans online since the 2000s. Their most important feature is that you're supposed to settle up on a payday loan when you receive your next paycheck (or Social Security payday, or any other kind of predictable income).

The fact that customers' ability to repay payday loans is backed by their earnings instead of their credit history has two important consequences. Firstly, almost anyone who meets some basic requirements is almost certain to get a $200 payday loan just by asking. Though most lenders will at least check your credit score, bad credit usually isn't an issue: since this is a quick loan you're expected to pay off by payday, they're willing to trust nearly anyone with a $200 loan for a few weeks.

A Word of Warning

The second thing you need to be aware of is that people often fail to pay back these kinds of loans. This forces loan providers to charge high interest rates, especially if your credit score is very low or you take longer than the prescribed amount of time to pay off the payday loan. Loans for $200 typically cost around $40, so please make sure you can afford it.

I Need 200 Dollars Today: Steps to Getting a $200 Loan

Sadly, scams, fraud, and shady-but-legal business practices are common in the world of payday loans. If you don't ensure that you work with a legit lender who provides complete disclosure of the loan terms and conditions, you could end up with a loss much larger than the $200 loan: even identity theft is sometimes committed in this way.

This is what DirectLoanTransfer can help you with, along with connecting you to the best deals on paid day loans. Our advantage is that we work with a network of hundreds of different lending companies, including those who specialize in lending to people with bad credit. This allows you to apply for a $200 loan with all of them with just a few mouseclicks. Simply select the loan amount you need, fill out a simple questionnaire (all of your information will be protected with banking industry-standard security) and you should see a list of all the loan offers you can qualify for within minutes.