How Do Car Title Loans Work? Are Title Loans a Good Choice?

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Suddenly finding yourself short of cash to pay an urgent expense like a medical, repair or utility bill can come as a major shock. You may think that a bad credit score rules out getting any kind of emergency loan - what are you supposed to do?

Luckily, there are some options still available to you. A car title loan, in particular, can make your life a lot easier. Other kinds of title loans do exist, but almost all involve the title to a vehicle.

Bad Credit

Title Loans in Brief

  • Require you to own the title to a vehicle or other asset (you've paid off the auto loan, for instance),
  • Title loans are easy to get regardless of your credit score,
  • Approval is very fast, making a title loan a handy option in an emergency,
  • Interest rates are high, so you should use title loans with caution,
  • A title loan is guaranteed by your vehicle, so it may be repossessed if you don't repay the loan.