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Here are the top selection of short-term loans with the best repayment terms you can find online.

Do you need quick cash to resolve a minor financial issue? If you’ve been seeking the best-termed personal loan, you’re at the right spot. We pinpoint the most attractive loans for people with less than excellent credit rating. Thanks to our fast locator and transparency, you always get what you need, and when you need it.

Whether you set your aims on a payday loan or opt for a personal loan, consider our extensive network of direct lenders. Read the essential information you might find useful for the lending procedure and get acquainted with the terms. This way, you can maximize the potential to use any loan to your benefit only.


Benefits of short-term loans

Loans that reach maturation quickly come with several vital benefits. For instance, they don’t require a hard credit inquiry that hurts your credit score. Remember that short-term loans can be an ideal solution for your financial dead-end. The following are the upsides of an average short-term loan:

  • Less interest. Expect to pay less money as an interest rate because you’ll repay the short-term loan within a shorter period. As a result, there will be little time for interest to accrue. Long-term loans indeed have lower interest rates, but they won’t pay off in the long run. Still, remember that the APR itself tends to be much higher than the average.
  • Convenient. Even if you suffer from a weak credit score, the requirements of short-term loans are relatively easy to meet. As approved loan amounts are usually insignificant, short-term lenders don’t refrain from approving credit even to borrowers with poor credit scores.
  • Quick approval. Short-term payday loans don’t take much time to get approved and transferred to your bank account. Expect to receive the needed credit as soon as the next business day.
  • No checks. It’s good to know that short-term loan lenders don’t perform any credit checks on you. They only make sure you have a steady source of income to repay the loan. Also, the application process involves almost no paperwork, only the bare minimum. In a word, have an ID, a bank account, and a proof of income ready at hand.
  • No collateral. Most short-term loans online get approved without listing your property as collateral. Short-term mortgages and car title loans are exceptions from this rule.
  • Credit score boost. Obtaining a short-term loan will ease your worries, and it will also strengthen your credit score. In short, if you pay your installments on time and in full, expect your credit score to boost.

Types of short-term loans

A short-term loan can come in several different types and usually serves to satisfy a specific need. The following are the most common varieties present on the market:

  • Payday loans. Generally, you take out a loan and then repay it with your next paystub. Even better, funds get withdrawn from your bank account automatically once you receive your salary. Payday loans operate online and in-person at a lender’s branch. Often, the APR reaches 400% on average.
  • Installment loans. With installment loans, both the loan application and the processing take place online. However, installment loans differ in the fact that you pay them back over several months. Borrowed money reaches your bank account very quickly, and the APR rate is pretty high, too.
  • Doorstep loans. After completing an application, an agent comes to your home to discuss the terms and conditions of the loan. Then, you complete an affordability assessment form that confirms your position to borrow money. Provided that you get accepted, you’ll receive the money in cash, and you don’t have to use it with a credit card. To repay the debt, you’ll make cash payments every week. The APR usually stands at about 450%.
  • Lines of credit. Similar to a business credit card, you have a credit limit that you’re allowed to spend when needed. Whatever amount you have borrowed, you must send monthly installment payments to settle it. Depending on the amount of credit and the repayment term, your monthly payments can vary. Also, lines of credit tend to have a lower APR than business credit cards.

Now that you’re aware of your lending options and their specific APR, it’s up to you to decide on the most appropriate alternative. Don’t let bad credit stop you in your intentions to resolve temporary financial struggles. Our network of lenders will be glad to respond to any loan application and offer you the best rates across the net. We take pride in leading you to the best short-term loans bad credit direct lenders.

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