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Security Information

At DirectLoanTransfer, we believe that your security is what really matters and what is security if not the security of your data? Nowadays, people tend not to be very attentive to this very important matter, but it is crucial to ensure that our data is stored in a safe and secure place. Therefore, if you care about your data, do not worry, as we use the best methods available on the market in order to guarantee you the best experience possible without being negligent about the information you decide to share with us. 

What is Security Information?

First of all, you should not confuse security information and cybersecurity. Although they sound very similar, they are actually not the same. Security Information is indeed a part of cybersecurity, but it is a crucial part of it. It refers exclusively to the processes designed for data security. If a company wants to protect the data of its users, then it has to set up an information security management system. It is a set of guidelines and processes that help organizations in case of a data breach. Thus the company has to have a preventive plan in case such a scenario happens. 

Our Security

As previously said, we value your security. Thus, we try to enforce as much as possible software and ways that make security information possible. For example, we use Encrypted Servers: such servers are needed because sensitive information is transmitted through our website like banking or account information. There are different types and levels of encryption, and DirectLoanTransfer uses the best level of encryption available. 

Another level of security is that of comprehensive identity checks. For example, some lenders need you to supply information about your employment and your banking and residence information. Therefore, they will call your company to validate your employment and income facts. If your company is not expecting that call and has not been explicitly requested to give this information to you, any loan will be halted until the specifics are validated. This can help to prevent fraud.

Other possible security steps mean that some providers require that you have an active email account and a phone number. The purpose is not simply to contact you, but security codes may be sent to your email and phone to verify that it is really you that access your account. For example, in some cases, you could not be able to complete a loan process without providing the code sent to your mobile phone number. 

Please pay attention. As a serious payday loans website, we will never call or randomly email you to ask you for sensitive data like your Social Security Number, account number, or username. We will also never ask you to load money onto a prepaid card, nor will we demand you prepay any amount to consider your loan application or in order to grant you a loan. 

Debt-Collection Scams

It might happen that you receive illegal and fake debt collection communications. They might pretend to be us, DirectLoanTransfer. These communications might happen through phone or email, but they are not in any case from us. What should you consider when receiving such types of communications:

  • The scammer might threaten you;
  • They might demand immediate payment;
  • They could refuse to give you info about the debt;
  • The communication might come from suspicious email accounts;
  • The domain is not ours;
  • They could threaten to send information to your boss;
  • They could threaten to confiscate your salary;
  • Often they would use incorrect English;
  • They could be overly aggressive or even rude.

In this case, please do not panic; stay calm and ignore such calls as they do not possess any data about your debts. In case of a data leak, we would immediately announce that to our clients, but not in the manner described above. 

Loan Scams

Sometimes, scammers will fraudulently contact you and claim to be DirectLoanTransfer. For example, they could encourage you to load money into a prepaid card, purchase money orders or send payments through MoneyGram or Western Union to get a loan. They could also ask you to pay a “fee” in advance (like an application charge or an administration fee) or some sort of “taxes” for a loan. They may also use the DirectLoanTransfer brand, logo, and postal address.

Please pay attention to the following:

  • People asking for payment in advance;
  • People requiring funds to be loaded on prepaid cards;
  • People requiring purchase of money orders;
  • People asking for funds via MoneyGram or WesternUnion;
  • People sending loan documents when you did not apply for one;
  • People sending unsolicited emails.

Contact Us

In case you have doubts, or you have received communications from people pretending to be us, please do not hesitate to contact us through our official channels in order to be certain of the veracity of the communication.