Rates & Fees

To use services costs you nothing. All loan fees and rates you may be charged are determined by the lenders we connect you with. directloantransfer.com is not an direct lender nor do we provide loan services. The information you provide when you fill in our form is simply so we can connect you with a lender as soon as possible.

Full Disclosure of Terms

Lenders are required to adhere to all legal requirements and provide full disclosure of all rates and fees to you (as the borrower) before you agree to taking out a loan. This is a condition of the Truth in Lending Act. When you are accepted for a loan request, the bulk of lenders will link you to a page requiring an e-signature on their website where you complete the process for your loan application. You should take some time reading the loan agreement before agreeing to it and signing it.

Late Payment Policy

Fully review the late payment policy in the loan agreement provided and ensure all conditions are understood by you before signing. This is due to the fact different loan providers will apply different policies when it comes to what they do about late payment. With any fees for late payment, lenders have to follow all rules, laws, and regulations that apply.

Non-payment Policy

Extra loan charges or fees are to be expected to if you are in a position where you cannot make your repayment it by the loan due date. At directloantransfer.com we make every effort to only operate with lenders that are considered trustworthy and use fair, lawful, and reasonable ways to collect overdue repayments.

Loan Renewal Policy

Loan renewal policies are regulated by state laws and in those states where loan renewals are legally permissible, late fees and extra interest can result in a sizeable increase in what you owe on your final loan. It is in your best interests to avoid loan renewal if possible. Read the entire loan provider terms that relate to renewal prior to signing the agreement for the loan.

*Attention: the information offered here is are basic guidelines and should be taken as legal advice, it also may not always be up-to-date at all times due to rule and regulatory changes. If you have any concerns about the regulations applying to you, direct all queries to your loan provider or seek legal advice. Certain states have no statutory provisions re personal loans.