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The Best Lending Service

We at DirectLoanTransfer work for you and always have your interests in mind. We think this vision shows in the quality of what we do, in your happiness and relief once transactions are made, and in the great reviews we have received from our customers throughout the many years since we launched our project.

Our network of lenders is getting wider as we gain trust from direct lenders and borrowers who are tired or terrified of banks and getting credit via them. We hope to repay this trust by offering an always better service and improving our services.

Real Stories By Our Clients

We take pride in the many positive reviews we receive daily simply because we know we are doing our job right. For example, we love to hear how a client got out of a bad financial situation thanks to the fast and easy cash advances they got through our company and how one of the experts in our team helped someone in financial trouble.

★★★★☆ by Greta Marie N.

“Quick and efficient.

I applied and got the money in 2 days. Best service for lending in the whole state.”

★★★★★ by Nicholas Phillips

“Great experience!

I have nothing bad to say about the company. The service works well, and most importantly they treated me like a human being. They know how to get the job done.”

★★★★★ by Vivian


Thank you!!! Very satisfied with the way Christine helped me through the process of applying. Everything went smoothly.. Glad I didn’t have to recur to a bank.

★★★★★ Laureen G

“Best for payday loans.

Fast process, the money arrived in a day. Simple and straightforward process. Great customer service as well, they answer quickly.

What Makes Us the Best?

  • The fastest processing times on the internet. Instant loans do not exist (if they tell you otherwise, they could probably be a scam). What does exist is approval times of a few hours and the deposit by the next business day. This is what DirectLoanTransfer offer.
  • Easy application process. Thanks to our 100% online form, you can apply quickly, whenever and wherever you want. From the comfort of your home, from your place of work, at night, or when you wake up, from your PC or your phone: you choose.
  • Security comes first. Our services never collect your data for purposes other than the actual purpose of the website, that is, to connect you to the best lender in your local area and to confirm you follow all the requirements.
  • Custom loans. You can apply for a wide range of loans, usually from $100 to $500, but payday loans, if your state allows it, can reach up to $1,000. You are in control of everything, and we deliver the best product. And liberty is the biggest advantage of all.