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Payday loans by phone for bad credit offer a fast and reliable boost of cash for any emergency. Our direct lenders work around the clock to cater to your needs and help you strengthen your financial position.

Online payday loans are a short-term solution for any financial disaster that may strike out of nowhere. Since most direct lenders don’t run a credit check, such a loan would be ideal when strapped for fast cash between paydays.

Whether you opt for a payday loan by phone or a cash advance, application and approval are almost instant. Most likely, you’ll have the funds available to resolve any urgent need within a day. However, bear in mind that interest rates of payday loans tend to be high. Hence, avoid both short and long-term loans if you can’t repay the loan on time.


How Do Loans Over the Phone Work?

The most convenient part of instant loans is the swiftness of the application process. Borrowers can apply directly over the phone displayed on our website. If the line is busy, be patient as lenders usually have many clients to attend to 24/7.

Alternatively, interested clients can submit a simple application form. Applying online is a practical option as it takes no more than five minutes to complete. Once you submit the application or

request a loan by phone, a team of experts will assess your eligibility. The procedure involves confirmation of your personal details, the requested loan amount, and the capacity to pay back.

When they approve your loan request, expect to get paid the same business day if you apply during the early working hours. Typically, you should receive the cash within 24 hours.

Why Get a Short-Term Loan by Phone?

Cash loans over the phone are some of the most comfortable cash advance products to obtain around the clock. Of course, instant loans have downsides, too, but they can be a real life-saver when in financial hardship. The following are some of the benefits that short-term payday loans entail.

  • Fast approval. Besides the quick application process, borrowers also get instant replies. Depending on your financial situation, approval can take minutes to hours.
  • Quick access to cash. After your data gets processed and the loan confirmed, our lenders act super-fast. You’ll have access to the funds the same or the following business day at the latest.
  • No credit check. Payday lenders don’t run credit checks and don’t report your lending practices to the major credit bureaus. Meaning, your past loans won’t affect your present ability to borrow money.
  • Bad scores get considered. We understand what cash emergency means and therefore consider all borrowers irrespective of their bad credit. Everyone able to pay back the loan over the phone should have access to quick money. So, you won’t have to bother how to improve your credit score to get a loan.
  • Efficient customer care. We treat customers with respect, foster healthy relationships, and focus on impeccable service. We also strive to keep your information 100% safe and confidential.

No Credit Check for Instant Payday Loans

Have you been a victim of unfair lending practices by traditional lenders? We bet their underlying explanation for rejecting your shrieks for monetary help was your lousy credit. Well, your low credit score won’t haunt you any longer with payday loans by phone.

More specifically, direct phone lenders don’t utilize the services of the three major credit bureaus. Therefore, having a tier 1 credit rating isn’t mandatory. Instant payday lenders have their ways of checking your ability to repay and your present earnings. However, you can’t build your credit score since your on-time payments don’t get reported to the credit bureaus.

Easy Ways to Apply for Loans Over the Phone

With most direct lenders, payday loans over the phone are just a call away. You have the chance to apply both online and by phone 24 hours a day during the entire week. Depending on your preferences, select the alternative that you find most convenient.

Method 1

The first method to aapply for a payday loan is by phone. After dialing the toll-free phone number, an experienced representative will assist you by requesting necessary personal information. Such data may include contact details, Social Security Number, bank account information, and details about your job.

The procedure usually lasts about five minutes if you provide all the necessary information. After you receive your application via email, you’ll have to send a copy of a voided check along with an e-signature. When approved, the money will typically hit your checking account the following business day.

Method 2

The second method to apply for a quick loan involves an online form application. The online form is available on lenders’ websites and requires only essential information. Ensure you provide contact details, information about your job, checking account, SSN, and email address. Soon after, one of our trusted lenders will contact you with on-screen results.

The lender you get matched with may ask you to complete a loan application. Then, your request for a payday loan gets processed. If approved, you’ll receive an electronic transfer to your account right after you accept the loan terms.

How to Qualify for Loans Over the Phone

Most often than not, distressed borrowers find applications for payday loans a daunting task. To get your instant cash via phone, you should know how to qualify first. Hence, consider the following criteria when you apply for a loan to ensure instant approval and cash deposit:

  • Be at least 18 years of age;
  • Be a US citizen or hold a permanent residence;
  • Have a steady source of income;
  • Hold a valid bank account;
  • Provide valid contact data, such as email and telephone.

Understanding the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

Over the phone loans for bad credit are straightforward to apply for and receive. If you decide to request a loan over the phone, expect to reach an automated phone system. Not talking to a human operator is justifiable as lenders use this method to screen customers.

When connected to the IVR system, provide accurate information, and wait for a final verdict. Once the lender processes your application and deems you eligible, you’ll get connected with a loan product.

Bottom Line

We believe that no borrower should get profiled according to their past credit history. What matters is their present capacity to repay the short-term loan. Hence, forget about your poor credit score and apply with a single phone call.

Any direct lender we work with will be eager to offer you various loan products that match your needs. Phone today and get the best loan services with convenient terms and conditions.

Proudly serving our customers and helping them find the best payday loans over the phone since 2016.