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You should read this E-Consent carefully and maintain a copy, both in electronic and printed format, for the future eventuality.


You are in the process of applying for a loan on DirectLoanTransfer. Thus from here on, “we,” “us,” “our,” or “DirectLoanTransfer” are referred to us. In order to give you access to our online services, we need your consent to use and accept electronic signatures, electronic records, and electronic disclosures (“your consent”). This disclosure is not only information about how you will receive notices, disclosures, and information from us about your account on DirectLoanTransfer, but it also contains your agreement on those matters. Required Information can be quickly and conveniently sent to you by DirectLoanTransfer, with your consent, by displaying and receiving the needed information on this electronically and by allowing you to print and store on electronic devices the Required Information and to finally retain it for your records. 

Options for Paper or Non-Electronic Records

A copy of the Required Information can also be received in paper copy at any time by logging in and printing a paper copy. You can also obtain it by contacting us by phone or mail with a written request. You will be charged nothing in order to obtain a paper copy of the Required Information. Another viable option for obtaining a paper copy may be accessing your account on DirectLoanTransfer. 

Scope of the Consent

Any notices and disclosures from us required by the current legislation are included in the Required Information, which you accept with your consent. Your agreement and consent are considered valid for conducting transactions electronically, and it is such for any transaction and communication between you and DirectLoanTransfer whatsoever. Based on your consent, we will always process your loan application information and interact during this transaction and any future transaction via electronic format. We will also choose the electronic format for any notice related to your application, any transaction you enter, and other types of notices. 

For what concerns this disclosure, the term “electronic record” has a precise meaning, and it is to be intended as a contract or other record generated, created, received, communicated, sent, or even stored electronically. An “electronic signature” is a sound, symbol, or procedure connected to or logically related to a contract or other record and completed or adopted by a person intending to sign the record.

You should review the important information in this disclosure before giving your consent to any electronic delivery of Required Information. Please notice that your consent is intended as permission for the general use of electronic records and electronic signatures connected to your account.

The Terms of Your Consent

In addition to what was previously said, the following will be the terms of your consent:

Right to Paper Records

You are entitled to request a paper copy of the Required Information freely. Yet if you do not give your agreement to electronic delivery of the Required Information, then you won’t be allowed to receive a loan and possess a DirectLoanTransfer account.

Right to Withdraw Consent

In any case, you are entitled to withdraw your consent at any time. But by revoking your consent, you will be unable to modify payment dates and amounts on your loan. Furthermore, you will not be allowed to have another loan before giving your consent to a new E-consent and disclosure again. The possibility to withdraw your consent can also be exercised in written form by mail. However, your decision to revoke your consent will not affect the legal effectiveness, validity, and/or enforceability of prior electronic disclosures of Required Information. 

The Consent is Applied to our Entire Relationship

Indeed, suppose you give your consent to the electronic delivery of Required Information. In that case, the consent will be considered valid not only for what concerns the initial transaction but for every Required Information given to you or received from you in connection with your account over time of our relationship with you. 

Changes to your Contact Information

It is your responsibility to provide and maintain the contact information of your account in the most updated and accurate way possible. If you want to modify the contact data on your account, you can do so either by email, by phone, or by accessing your online account on our website.

Hardware and Software Requirements

You must be able to read and print screen printouts on your monitor in order to access and keep electronic disclosures from DirectLoanTransfer. Most Internet browsers allow you to print the content that you see on your screen. You must have the following hardware and software to get the Required Information:

  • A PC or Mac compatible computer or any other type of device that has access to the Internet and an Internet Browser supporting encryption of at least 128-bits;
  • Your hard drive, or any form of storage unit you use, should have sufficient electronic storage capacity (which means at least 64Mb of memory);
  • An email account and an internet service provider;
  • Furthermore, a PC, operating system, and telecommunications connections to the internet are available to receive, assess, display, and either print or store your account documents in electronic form, through a plain text-formatted email, or by accessing our website via one of the browsers above-mentioned, are necessary;
  • A PDF file reader might be necessary, and finally
  • A long-term storage device in order to be able to maintain a copy of the Required Information and/or a printer for printing a copy of the Required Information.


Suppose there were some changes in the requirements that might represent a risk for you not being able to access our Required Information electronically during this or future transactions. In that case, you will be informed and notified of these changes.

Right to Send Required Information on Paper

We are entitled to communicate the Required Information to you by paper, as your consent is not intended as an obligation for us to provide the Required Information by electronic means. You may also be requested to send certain communications on paper to a specific address at our sole discretion.

Storage of Required Information

In order to facilitate e-commerce, reduce the expense of records storage, and finally obtain the benefits of faster access to records, we may:

  1. Store all records electronically.
  2. Keep all records by electronic means, but we are under no obligation to keep any original or electronic documents (including but not limited to checks, transaction records, notes, applications, faxes, email correspondence, and other loan documentation) for any period of time longer than required by law.
  3. After a certain time, destroy both original and electronic documentation, but only after the time required by legislation has passed.
  4. Store records on electronic support via imaging, scanning, filming, or other forms of technology the financial services business uses for what concerns the storage of documentation, internally and by third-party processors approved by DirectLoanTransfer.

The Required Information stored in such a manner is valid and recognized for all purposes as evidence or, in any case, as proof of the agreements, rights, and obligations of all parties pursuant to any such records.

Your Ability to Access Disclosures

By signing this, you acknowledge you can access Required Information in the formats above-mentioned. Once given your consent, these documents can be accessed by logging into your account.

Your Consent

You confirm reading this information concerning electronic signatures, records, disclosures, notifications, email, and conducting business digitally. You saw these disclosures by utilizing a computer and software that exhibits your ability to access data in electronic form. You agree to use electronic signatures, have any disclosures disclosed or made available to you in electronic form, and do transactions with us online rather than in writing or with handwritten signatures. You accept that you may obtain a hardcopy copy of the Required Information from us at no cost.