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Customer Service at DirectLoanTransfer

Our Customer Support

DirectLoanTransfer has only one purpose: to work to our clients’ advantage. Since we are doing this for you, we function better with your comments and engagement. Simultaneously, part of our job is to answer any of your worries and inquiries and address any difficulties you may experience on our platform or in the financial sector in general.

That is why we put up a great team of experts whose attention is directed 100% to customer support and client interactions. This team works more specifically in two directions.

  • Receiving and solving the questions, doubts, and problems our clients have prior to, during, or after applying for one of the financial products we offer at DirectLoanTransfer. If something goes wrong, contact us using the modalities you find explained below, and the team at customer support will come to the rescue to solve the problem.

Additionally, suppose something is unclear about the services we offer, or you want to know more about anything related to finance. In that case, we are likewise available through any of our contact addresses. The team is not only prepared to solve technical issues, but it also has the appropriate knowledge to clear any of your doubts.

  • Secondly, but not less importantly, the team and the company are extremely grateful and appreciative of any kind of comment, suggestion, or feedback we receive from our customers. If you would like to share your experience with us or tell us what went wrong or right during the time you spent using our services, please do so through the methods explained below.

This is useful not only to us, to know what works and needs to be improved (and how we can do it), but also for you! Suppose you had a negative experience by reporting it, letting us know it, and fixing what went wrong. In that case, you are not only doing a favor to other human beings who might be in the same situation in the future but also to you. We could find a way to help you even though you might think there is nothing left to do.

How To Contact Us

There are three ways through which you can contact our support team. We list them below, ranking them from faster (both for you to contact us and for us to reply to you) to slower.

  • Use the online form below. It’s simple and effective: you write down your name so we know who you are, your email address, how to reply to you, and your message. As we said, you can write down whatever you want: from positive or negative feedback to a question about the financial service we offer to report a problem you have or had using DirectLoanTransfer. We will get back to you via the email address you write on the form, so check the mailbox often (also in the “spam” folder).
  • Write us an email. You have two email addresses to which you can write. Adam Dull is the spokesman for everything related to media inquiries: [email protected]. Kyle Drummond is the representative for editorial inquiries, and you can contact him at [email protected].
  • Last but not least, you can write us a letter! Our offices are located at 5050 Quorum Drive Suite 700, Dallas, TX 75254, United States. As you can imagine, this last service is not as immediate as the former two, so if you need an urgent reply from us, please refer to the form or emails.