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Our Commitment to Web Accessibility

At DirectLoanTransfer, we believe that everyone, both business partners and consumers, should have the opportunity to navigate and access our website and services. This is why we try to make our website the friendliest for people with disabilities. It would be simply not right to fake that people with disabilities do not exist, as this is a real issue, and we believe every firm should try to at least not make the experience of its users harder than it already is.

The principles of equal opportunity, dignity, integration, and independence guide us in offering such accessibility. In trying to offer an accessible version of our website, we follow the World Wide Web Consortium publication of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. In addition, we regularly test our sites and collaborate with usability specialists to identify and address areas of improvement.

The Features

Our website generally includes features that can help you improve your web experience. You can identify, understand and interact with information present on our website in the following manners:

  • Site Structure: we use appropriate titles, lists, and other features of formatting to help you navigate. Their purpose is to help you easily understand what a page is made for. 
  • Text Equivalents: we try to use alternative text to accompany images, audio, or multimedia. If you can’t see images or hear audio, this could be very helpful to you. 
  • Keyboard Operation: you can interact with our website through a keyboard interface.
  • Browser Compatibility: we update our website periodically so it can best interact with the most updated versions of the major browsers, like Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

Recommendations for Improving Your Experience

To improve your browsing experience, here are some possible combinations between screen readers and browsers: not all interact in the same manner; thus, choosing the best combination could drastically change your experience. Indeed if you are a Windows user, you should use JAWS as a screen reader and Internet Explorer as a browser, or you could also use NVDA as a screen reader, and Firefox as a browser. If you are using a Mac, you should use VoiceOver and Safari. Mobile users can instead use the integrated browsers of their phones, no matter what the operative system is. For what concerns the screen reader, iOS users can and should use VoiceOver, so as Mac, whereas Android devices users should use TalkBack. Of course, if you want an improved experience, you should stay within the latest two versions of a browser, as developers constantly update them. 

Further Specifications

If you have trouble using our website or have doubts and questions, do not hesitate to contact us by phone, mail, or email. Our customer care will try to help you in the best way possible and to make your experience the best and easiest possible.